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Ecotherapy practicalities

‘It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.’

Rainer Maria Rilke


I currently offer outdoors work in East Devon, close to Exeter.  We have a variety of options for the setting of our work and we can negotiate which is the most suitable, taking into account physical needs and accessibility where necessary. You will need to wear suitable shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather.


Working outdoors changes the dynamics of the traditional therapeutic setting. We move from the therapy room with the intimacy of two facing chairs to a more expansive and potentially public space.  For some people this can be liberating and can feel less intense. Nature can play a part in providing a container for difficult feelings as well as the therapist. For others it can be daunting and feel uncertain as they take their work out into a domain where there is less control over what might happen. This can be a creative part of the therapy and when held appropriately by the therapist can provide useful insights.


With any outdoors work there may be a level of discomfort involved. Especially if we choose to engage with the elements and remain open to what the experience might bring. Being outdoors offers a rich experience for the senses. You will have the opportunity to witness and reflect on your own process of thoughts, feelings and physical sensations as they arise in response to what is around you. This may bring up both positive and negative feelings. I hope it will also bring useful learning to take back into your life.


The kinds of things we might do during ecotherapy sessions could include;

  • Walking and talking (taking the traditional therapy session outdoors)

  • Body awareness, breathing and mindfulness

  • Creative work using natural objects to explore the seasons, your life journey or a current issue that is preoccupying you

  • Simply allowing the space to let Nature nurture and nourish you

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